Distance Ed Online Library Media Plan

Scope and Availability of Services

The distance education media services offered at Career Technical Institute is from Career Tech, our primary textbook publisher, through a secured website called the E-Reference Library. As per Career Tech, “The E-Reference Library puts content from established authors and publishers online into a fully searchable electronic reference library at no additional costs to students”. The textbooks include topics relevant to the students at CTI.



Administration of Service


The Director of Operations is responsible for maintaining and ensuring access to making available all necessary media materials. As the curriculum changes are implemented and new media is introduced, the DOO will ensure that all staff and students are made aware of its availability. The DOO has assigned the DE Instructor the responsibility of ensuring that all students have access to the library and monitors its functionality regularly. The effectiveness of the DE Online Media is reviewed by students, staff, instructors and management and discussed at the annual staff meeting. Based on the results of the student evaluations and the feedback received from staff and faculty during their annual meetings, the distance education media resources will be added and or modified as appropriate to improve the services provided to our students.


The review of the Online Library will include the following:


  1. Monthly review of the E-Reference Online Library for new education material.
  2. Annually, report on the status of the library and make recommendations and suggestions about replacing/adding or modifying the materials.
  3. Ensure that the website is being maintained in the proper order.
  4. Orientate the DE students on the usages of the center.
  5. Ensure there is a line item for DE Media Services and replacements in the budget.


It is the responsibility of the DOO to ensure all staff, instructors and students are familiar with the policies and procedures regarding the DE Online Library. This is reviewed at the Staff Development Day and at the Annual Meeting.



Annual Evaluation


Student evaluations, which are done quarterly, are used as an assessment tool to determine the efficiency of the E-Reference Library. Instructors and staff review the effectiveness of the E-Reference Library as part of the quarterly reports and at the Annual Staff Meeting. Based upon the results of these evaluations, and the feedback received from staff and faculty during their annual meeting, media resources are added or modified as appropriate to improve the quality of resources available to the students.


Budget Commitment


An appropriate allocation of financial resources are reserved for DE media services in each annual budget.




The E-Reference inventory is the responsibility of Career Tech, Inc.


Maintenance and Replacement of Equipment


The annual budget allows for purchase and repair of equipment as needed. The Director of Operations is responsible for ensuring that the online website is maintained in working order. CTI’s Systems Administrator is responsible for contacting Career Tech for difficulties with the server, along with CWPS, the third party vendor.



Services for Creating Instructional Materials


  1. Computer Based Training Orientation- To ensure students begin on the right foot, on the first day of class, they are given an orientation to the computer based training system and the online moodle that they will be using for the majority of their educational experience at CTI. They are given companion manuals and additional courseware that will take them through all the necessary steps to navigate and use the system. This ensures this methodology is the best learning environment for them.


  1. Interactive Educational Multimedia-Most of the courses at CTI include an interactive,      media-based learning module. The media lessons are proficiency-based and include both pre and post-assessments that allow the students to assess the level to which they have mastered the topic. CIT also offers Xtended Learning, a web-based media software product that allows students to access many of their courses from any computer with Internet access.




Instructional Supplies


For the DE students, the DE instructors are responsible for ensuring that the students have the hardware and software necessary to complete their coursework. Prior to starting their program, students are required to test their systems following the instructions provided by their instructor and the staff at Career Tech.