Ayana Parker CTI Graduate

“I wanted to have certification so that I have a step up in the workforce and CTI helped me do that.”

Tamika Summers Hospitality Prof., Washinton D.C.

“Nothing can stop me! I’m on my way. I’ve graduated from school for hospitality. I appreciate CTI for giving me the opportunity to learn.”

Delano Jones IT Professional, Washington D.C.

“I saw an ad for CTI and had just gotten laid off from my job. I wasn’t certified. So I decided to to go back to school.”

Charlene Banks Medical Office Professional, Caring Hands, Inc., Washinton D.C.

“The reason I believe that someone should go to CTI is because wvery instructor at the school is always there for you. They have workshops where they teach you career-building skills.  It’s all hands-on. CTI is a pretty good school and I would recommend it to everyone.”