Corene Bryant Help Desk Professional Graduate and IT Student

“I am a successful student and graduate of CTI Help Desk Professional Program from back in 2014. I obtained a Help Desk Professional Certificate from CTI. After the program, I was also placed on my first IT Contract with CTI’s Job Placement Assistance. I am now an IT student with Online Classes.”

Jordan Gray Employer who hires CTI grads

“In Hospitality, there are different avenues that you can pursue, depending on what skill set that you want to pick up. It’s ever-evolving.”

Marcus Scott IT Professional, Washinton DC

“I’m so glad I made the right decision to go to CTI. I can’t wait to show the world everything I learned.”

Christopher Smarr Accounting & Bookeeping, Washington D.C.

“I like the coursework and their availability. It was good, challenging. It is designed to fit around my schedule. If I needed a day off or needed to switch my class from morning to night, they always made it flexible.”

Cindy Thomas Employer who hires CTI grads

“I go to the school and talk to the new class coming in and let them know what to expect in the workplace and to treat their externship like a job.”

Keyonna Washington Manager, Hospitality, Washington D.C.

“I needed a nice career change and decided to come on and get things started. I have two young children and I was excited to show my kids that you can always do whatever you want to do.”