Online education offers a lot of benefits. However, for a good number of students, online learning is uncharted territory. Remote student life comes with its fair share of challenges, including figuring out how to be productive from the comfort of your home. Indeed, without being disciplined and focused, you will barely get anything done. So, how can you stay attentive and productive while studying online?

Tricks for Studying Online & Staying Attentive


Setting up a designated place for studying will have a significant impact on your productivity levels. Choosing a room in the house specifically for this purpose will enable you to separate studies and everyday life. This way, your brain will be conditioned to focus on your distance learning.

Make sure you find a quiet and distraction-free area where you will not be disturbed. A dedicated space provides a peaceful environment that allows you to give your studies more attention. However, you should avoid your bed and the couch you relax on.


Online courses provide you with flexibility. You get to determine when to keep up with your classes, do your homework, eat and sleep. However, if you are to stay productive, you should make a schedule for yourself and stick to it. A daily routine will help you stay organized, stay on track and avoid procrastination.

When coming up with your daily schedule, consider your study needs and habits. You may also want to leave breaks in your timetable for decompressing. Lastly, keep all your supplies handy so that you do not spend a lot of time moving up and down.


Many distractions will come your way when studying at home. Minimizing distractions will help you use the available time wisely and work more efficiently. Block all unnecessary phone notifications, keep the television off, get off social media and get your other chores out of the way.

Research shows that the right genre of music can help you concentrate, effectively leading to more productive learning. Although many people may consider it a distraction, listening to music as you study can help to relieve stress and enhance brain activity.


Technology is the cornerstone of online learning. To access your online lessons and stay productive, you must ensure that your computer and internet are up to speed. This will make it easy to conduct internet searches, save and open files, upload and download attachments, and get your coursework done quicker.

In addition to updating your technology, you can consider using mobile productivity apps to help you stay focused. The apps allow you to create automations and better workflows, effectively saving you time and boosting your productivity.


The flexibility associated with studying online can be a great disadvantage. Without being in charge of your schedule, all these tips mean nothing. Developing good time management skills will help you stay organized and go a long way in enabling you to overcome some challenges linked to distance learning.

Once you have come up with your schedule, make sure you hold yourself accountable. This will involve paying attention to deadlines and due dates, completing all assignments on time, logging in to your course regularly, and taking your study breaks seriously.


Watching lectures on a computer allows students the convenience of rewinding and playing the video again. However, taking notes the old-fashioned way will help you capture essential points, increase your focus and improve your critical thinking. Also, taking notes by hand allows you to put the content in simple and easy-to-understand language.

Unlike working from a laptop, you will have fewer distractions when working in a notebook. You will not have to switch between browser tabs during the lesson, which will help you remain attentive throughout the session. In the end, taking notes the traditional way will enable you to retain concepts better.


With remote learning, you will have to work harder to get feedback from your instructor. Interacting regularly with the instructor will help you set yourself apart from your classmates and benefit more from the course. This is why you should consider taking the initiative to keep in constant touch with the instructor.

Whenever you have questions, need clarification, or get a low grade on an assignment, you can reach out to the instructor to find ways of improving your work. Make sure your interactions are professional at all times so that the instructor gets a positive impression of you. This will help to make your online learning more productive.


Distance-learning does not mean you cannot work remotely with friends. Today, there are various technologies that you can use to connect with your classmates from the comfort of your home. Networking with your classmates will provide opportunities to learn new things and perfect your skills.

Reach out to your peers to engage in discussions, collaborate on projects, offer and seek advice as well as get the support you need. The good news is that you can record your meetings and look back on the sessions whenever necessary. Keeping in touch with friends will also be beneficial for your mental health.


Online learning can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Taking care of yourself will help you to avoid burnout and remain productive. Balancing life and study will also contribute to your overall well-being, ensuring you stay happy and focused.

Proper self-care practices include exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, getting adequate sleep, taking study breaks, and getting enough social time. In the end, the benefits of these simple habits will go beyond just improving your productivity.


To keep motivated, you will want to set goals and track both the tasks you need to complete and the time you take to achieve them. The aim will be to ensure that you spend your time productively so that you enjoy the benefits of studying online. Keeping track of tasks and time will require you to consider your schedule, deadlines, and study breaks. By monitoring how well you use your time, you will know the specific adjustments you need to make to stay productive.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are many more strategies you can try to ensure you make the most of your online classes.

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