Taking the best online classes for your career is important. Online courses have proven useful for many students who need flexible schedules. Plus, online classes can be just as effective as classes as a traditional classroom setting, according to some experts. Some of the top schools in the nation have conducted studies to discover the effectiveness of online leaning. Through a technique called “interactive engagement pedagogy”, studies have in fact shown that students learn just as well in small groups online as they do in a traditional classroom setting.

When taking online courses, three things matter most in online learning: quality of material covered, engagement of the teacher and interaction among students. CTI’s focus is on making online education logical and easy to understand. CTI is proud to offer our four programs offering online classes.

Medical Office Professional

As a Medical Office Professional, you will receive advanced computer software and business training to help you gain the expertise you need to excel in a medical office setting. Hospitals are also opening a lot of different satellite locations to make treatment more convenient for patients, and they all need to hire medical office professionals to help their offices run smoothly.

Hospitality Professional

Online hospitality classes can help you get into a new, higher-paying career in the hospitality industry. Our courses will teach you vital skills such as hospitality management skills as well as business hospitality law and food and beverage services. These training courses can lead to a variety of careers in anything from hotel manager  to food and beverage director.

Help Desk Professional

CTI’s Help Desk Professional online courses provide more than just technical knowledge in networking, operating systems, computer repair and hard disk management, these courses also train students how to manage customer expectations so they are able to offer guidance and practical advice with professionalism and poise. Our goal is to help studentsl flourish in a technology-driven world where they can help customers who need help navigating technology to purchase company goods and services that they need to do business with a company.

PC Specialist Plus Professional

Our PC Specialist Plus online courses teach students how to provide technical help and advice to organizations and its users.  A job as a PC Support Specialist can mean a future filled with security and stability.

CTI offers online classes for the following programs:

Live the Life You Want

CTI offers a wide variety of online courses that path the path to better career prospects. These online classes are offered nationwide (except California) and can be accessed through a combination of both web-based management courses as well as online modules. We want our students to excel in their chosen livelihoods, and providing the best online classes we can will help your students get on the path to success.

For further information about the Career Technical Institute’s offering of online courses, please feel free to contact us for further assistance and to enroll today.

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