This holiday season, there are thousands of people in Washington D.C. who don’t know how they will get their next meal. Many of these people include working poor-families, fixed-income seniors, low-income military families, the homeless, and children living in poverty.

A recent survey showed that there are approximately 6,904 homeless people in D.C. In addition, according to the Census Bureau, 14 percent of the District’s 28,400 veterans are reportedly living in poverty. Federal and local providers of human services are trying to help veterans at risk of becoming homeless.

A VA spokeswoman recently told The Times, “We’re actively looking to engage community partners who can offer employees, and who have a true need and true desire to hire vets who are at an at-risk situation.”

Several years ago, Career Technical Institute (CTI) Medical Assistant students, along with their instructor, Ingrid Wright-Rich, began the CTI Medical Assistant’s Annual Winter Drive for the Homeless. It has become an annual Washington D.C. event. CTI students donate their time collecting and preparing gift bags of non-perishable food items and winter outerwear for some of the local area homeless. Each year has become more successful as members of the community, students, staff, faculty, alumni, and local businesses donate to share the warmth of giving.

This year’s food drive was special because CTI Alumnus, Humberto Emigdio Garcia (Class of 2017/18), kicked off the event by donating half of the non-perishable food items collected and donated to the D.C. Central Kitchen. The event brought much-needed relief and kindness to a large number of needy individuals, families, and veterans.

CTI and its community partners aim to improve food security to the Washington D.C. greater metropolitan area. Individuals, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and government all have a responsibility to the community to address the problem of homelessness and prevent hunger whenever possible.

CTI would like to work with the community to educate the public about the problem of hunger. If you are interested in learning more about this annual event, feel free to contact Career Technical Institute to find out how you can help the many people in need this time of year.

CTI would like to thank everyone who helped to make the 2019 CTI Medical Assistant’s Annual Winter Drive for the Homeless a warm, charitable event.

Contact CTI or call 1-888-516-5339 today to learn more.