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Updated Jan. 26, 2023

With a world revolving around technology, the need for people who want to receive information technology training continues to rise. The career paths for someone in the Information Technology (IT) industry are endless! Explore a few of your career options before completing your Information Technology training.

Helpdesk Technicians

Helpdesk Technicians assist system users in troubleshooting problems and help others utilize technology to their advantage. It’s important that as a Heckdesk Technician, you have patience and excellent communication skills, as you’ll be working with people who aren’t always comfortable with technology.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Network and Computer Systems Administrators are responsible for installing computer networks and keeping them operating at maximum efficiency. The tasks and systems used will vary since there are several industries Network and Computer Systems Administrators can work in.

Computer Field Technicians

The Computer Field Technician works more with the functionality, or the “nuts and bolts”, of computers. They make house calls and travel to businesses to fix technology problems that cannot be fixed remotely. Computer Feild Technician may also help businesses make system upgrades, address problems, or perform routine maintenance.

Website Developer and Designer

A strong website is an essential part of a business. To make this happen, they need a good website developer and website designer. The developer is responsible for the creation and maintenance of all aspects of the website. The designer handles the overall layout, functions, and navigation of the site. With most of the world turning digital, these positions are becoming more sought after, with growth soaring as high as 23% until 2031. Finally, these jobs offer employment opportunities with both traditional companies as well as self-employed freelancers.

Begin Your IT Professional Career at Career Technical Institute

These are just a few of the career opportunities in IT. The options are limitless, and you can find an IT specialist in nearly every industry. If you enjoy helping others and are a creative problem solver, a career in Information Technology could be the career path for you!

Career Technical Institute offers a hands-on Information Technology training program that will provide you with the skills you need. Our team makes beginning this new career easier than before, with Financial Aid options available to those who qualify and Career Development Assistance supplied to every student.

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