Explore career opportunities for Help Desk graduates

Looking into getting into the Information Technology industry, but not sure where to begin? Look no further than the Help Desk Profession. This career, which currently has 844,600 open positions and offers an average yearly pay of $59,000, is rapidly growing and in constant need by businesses and companies across the globe. It is also the greatest steppingstone one could take toward career growth in this field.

Luckily, Career Technical Institute’s Help Desk Professional training program could have you starting your new career in less than one year! Upon graduating, our Career Services team will help you identify the best help desk jobs for you! Keep reading to discover some of the many positions you may qualify for!

Help Desk Job #1: Customer Service Representative

You’ve most likely spoken with a customer service representative over the phone, in an online chat, or on social media. These sought-out workers are responsible for answering customers’ questions and issues while solving their problems. Some of the requirements needed to secure employment in this role, and the main qualities one may need are strong communication skills, attention to detail, patience, and computer skills. Many companies and industries offer remote work, flexible hours, and other generous benefits for these positions.

Help Desk Career #2: Computer Support Specialist

These employees are considered the front liners in the internal Information Technology team. And with the growing switch to remote work, this occupation is needed now more than ever. As a customer support specialist, you are in charge of assisting customers with issues regarding their technologies, including phones, computers, and hardware. This position has higher qualifications than the previous one, including school certificates and/or degrees or equivalent work experience. However, the ideal candidate’s qualities are similar, including solid communication skills, patience, and advanced multi-tasking abilities.

Help Desk Profession #3: Technical Support Specialist

There are many programs that every company utilizes to help complete their everyday tasks. And with the growing numbers of applications coming out every day, there must be someone who can test them for their business. That is the primary role of a Technical Support Specialist. After thoroughly reviewing them, this person must transcribe their findings for upper management to review. They will also help implement the programs across the company when approved. The ideal candidate for this position must possess excellent communication, teamwork, computer skills, and research qualities.

Begin Your Help Desk Journey at Career Technical Institute

As previously mentioned, these are only a small portion of the many jobs available to a Help Desk Professionals. Our Help Desk Professional training program is offered both at our Washington, D.C.-based campus or online nationwide (excluding California) and can be completed in less than one year and with the assistance of financial aid to those who qualify. During this program, our instructors and hands-on training will equip you with the skills and tools possible to handle situations that you may face in this profession.

Make this career your new one today! Fill out the form or contact us to take the first step in your new journey!

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