On January 15th, RaSean Stevens, President/CEO of Datalite Networks, a company that provides network support and infrastructure to businesses in the Maryland, Baltimore, and Washington Metropolitan areas, came to Career Technical Institute as a special guest speaker. This event was all organized by Ms. Dina Newman in Career Services and Ms. Shaquea White, a CTI instructor.

Mr. Stevens gave CTI students a realistic point of view on the proper protocol for the Help Desk Professional and IT Professional courses.  He also gave students insights into real-world experiences in Information Technology services and discussed the troubleshooting, planning, designing, and customized services his own company provides.

Students were inspired by Mr. Steven’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the information technology field. He is a real-world example of someone who has taken their IT career to new levels by creating a successful venture that partners with leading industry manufacturers to provide IT services that exceed expectations in level of service and expertise.

Career Technical institute would like to thank special guest speaker RaSean Stevens for coming by to motivate and inspire future information technology professionals. His words of wisdom will follow these students into their future careers. The information technology field is full of growth and opportunity. Career Technical Students have a bright and lucrative future ahead of them.

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